About Me

I have always been surrounded by artists. After studying music in college, I worked in music production, where I found a close community of musicians, artists, and designers. I saw parallels in the disciplines of art and music and started down a path that eventually led me to photography. Today, I am a brand photographer, a born collaborator, and an invested partner in helping businesses and marketing teams tell the stories that build brands. I am ever curious about how things work and how to make them work better—which means that when not in the studio or on a shoot, you can usually find me in my shop. I like to fix motorcycles, make furniture, go camping as far away from other humans as possible, watch the West Wing on never-ending repeat, and travel with my spicy wife, Allie.  See her amazing work here. I live in Greenville, SC, where I am lucky to still be surrounded by artists of all kinds.


About Brand Photography

The most successful brands are the most consistent ones: they have something to say and they make sure to say it at every consumer touchpoint. This is where I come in. I believe unique, ownable photography is a vital element in a brand’s visual story—just like a logo or an ad. Working together with you or your marketing team, I come at every project from a whole-brand perspective to give you the imagery that captures your company’s soul and story. My 3 Ps approach—Portraits, Product, Process—shows who you are, what you do, and how you do it. I can help you take the first steps in developing a distinct photographic style for your brand or come alongside a thriving brand aesthetic to help your marketing efforts express your values.